Artis was born in 2001 when two adventure-crazy, nature- and photography-loving graphic artists decided to start working together after meeting while studying design in Miami, USA.

Ana Lilia Perez

A seasoned graphic designer from Mexico City, with a passion for counseling and giving advice. Ana handles the client-relations side of Artis; develops marketing ideas and social media materials for our clients in the beauty, food and religious markets.
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Robin Perez

Graphic artist since he was a little boy drawing on the sidewalks of Havana, gearhead, sometimes shy, oftentimes not, and with an appetite for foreign languages. Robin is the responsible for branding, many a bright-colored designs and websites at Artis. He’s often a dictator when it comes to design details. He also thinks he’s the boss, though Ana always gets away with the last word…
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Currently based in Houston, where it serves businesses with the best quality graphics solutions, the award-winning team at Artis has worked with a diverse clientele in the United States, Mexico, Spain, and France; and it keeps growing thanks to the kind references of those who have worked with us.

• Hablamos español
• Parlamo italiano (bene)
• Nous parlons français (un peu)
• 日本語ができます

Traveling opens your mind, it makes you see things through different perspectives…
You learn that “normal” is a relative thing. That people everywhere appreciate your effort to communicate.
That a smile ‘breaks the ice’ and needs no translation.
When designing, we strive for that power. That’s our inspiration.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road - Artis
In search of inspiration – Austrian Alps